Otto's Fresh Food Market, Warrina Shopping Centre

3-5 Illuka Street, Currajong, Townsville, North Queensland.

Established Supermarket since 1966! 

Under present ownership since 1988

Owner operated since 1994

Prime location on three main arterial roads! Bayswater Road, Dalrymple Road and Woolcock St!

Turnover potential well above $120,000.00 per week

Exceptionally well equipped with equipment in very good condition - for more info, see our "About Otto's Fresh Food Market" section below.

Huge Meat Production

Present owner is now 72 and ready to retire

Total Area: 950m2

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Click picture to enlarge complete floor plan (please note the above picture does not show complete meat production area, the linked PDF does, please click to view)

About Otto's Fresh Food Market… 

Otto's is presently owned and operated by Peclasa Pty Ltd.

It is a 5000sq ft store with a very strong meat department, a large fruit & vegetable department, a dairy department, a cold serve deli, a hot serve deli, a hot bread section, and a grocery department with a limited range of well selling products.

The Store has:

-       1 coldroom for Fruit & Vegetables 4.6 x 5.2m (18 - 25degrees C)

-       1 coldroom for Fruit & Vegetables 4.5 x 5.2m (5 - 10degrees C)

-       1 coldroom for dry goods 9.0 x 3.5m (20 - 25degrees C)

-       1 freezer room walk-in 4.0 x 2.5m (-25degrees C)

-       1 dairy coldroom walk-in 4.0 x 2.5m (5degrees C)

-       3 seperate loading decks for produce, groceries/dairy and meat/Deli

All coldrooms are centrally operated from a plant on top of the roof with stand-by units as back-up. All new well maintained equipment.

The Shop has:

-       45ft Fruit & Vegetable refrigerated cabinet.

-       12ft 5 tier Dairy Cabnet.

-       5 door upright freezer walk-in.

-       5 door upright dairy walk-in. 30ft

-       5 tier meat cabinet.

-       9ft 5 tier meat cabinet.

-       12ft 3 tier meat cabinet.

-       9ft 1 tier meat cabinet.

-       2 x 3ft freezer cabinets (mobile)

-       12ft refrigerated deli cabinet.

-       12ft hot bain-marie.

Most of the cabinets are ARNEG and HUSSMANN cabinets.

The shop is fully air-conditioned.

All coldrooms and cabinets can run at variable temperatures from 0 - 10degrees C.

The shop has new:

-       ceiling systems

-       light systems with about 50 spot lights

-       floor covering

-       check-out systems fully computerised

-       electronic scales

-       scanning system 

The whole new set up is modern, easy to clean and easy to maintain.


A butchery with a fully equipped smallgoods department including up-to-date machinery and a huge meat processing plant, equipped with brand new equipment and huge coldroom capacities.

- 1 coldroom for prepacked goods and smallgoods.

- 1 coldroom for hanging meat 4.5m x 5m with rail system, scale and

   direct loading deck.

- 1 airlock 5.0m x 5.0m can be turned into coldroom.

- 1 freezer room 2.8m x 2.7m x 2.6m high.

- 1 coldroom 6m x 7.5m x 4m high.

- 1 meat processing room 10.0m x 7.0m x 4m high. 

All coldrooms are operated by a central refrigeration system on the roof with a stand-by back up. New plant German design. All rooms were built with 150 x 200mm coldroom panels and 150mm thick sliding doors and presently run at 0 - 2 degrees C. The temperature can be varied from 0 - 20 degrees C.

Present storage capacity is about;

-       15-20.000kg carton meat

-       50 bodies beef, pigs, lamb 

Present production capacity (sales) per week is 4,000 - 6,000kg / week. Potential capacity in 3 shifts and about 5 butchers and 2 packers 40 - 50.000kg / week Equivalant to a turnover of about AU$200,000 per week.

The smallgood department is capable of producing about 70 varieties of German and International Smallgoods. Presently only 10% of capacity is used. 

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For more information, please phone Donald Peel 0418 778 687.